Create the Ultimate Candidate Experience

In the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, organizations are awakening to the pivotal role that candidate experience plays in shaping their employer brand and, ultimately, their success in attracting top-tier talent. At Velocity Resource Group, we understand that the journey from sourcing to onboarding is more than a mere transaction – it’s an opportunity to create lasting impressions and build meaningful connections with prospective employees.

While the landscape of specific strategies and best practices may change over time, certain fundamental elements consistently contribute to creating an outstanding candidate experience. Initially, we’ll explore elements where Velocity plays a pivotal role within the process, followed by steps where you assume the lead.

Let’s explore both best practices and how Velocity actively supports the seamless implementation of these strategies:

Clear and Engaging Job Descriptions

Start by crafting job descriptions that are accurate, informative, and engaging. Clearly outline the role, responsibilities, and qualifications, and use language that resonates with potential candidates.

When you partner with Velocity, you entrust us with your job description, and we take on the responsibility of sourcing candidates who align seamlessly with your outlined requirements. Our expertise lies not only in identifying suitable candidates but also in effectively conveying the nuances and appeal of the job description to prospective hires. Once you’ve crafted a compelling and concise job description, we ensure its vibrancy and allure shine through during candidate interactions, particularly when engaging them in meaningful conversations over the phone.

User-Friendly Application Process

Make sure the application process is straightforward, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. Lengthy and complicated applications can discourage qualified candidates from applying.

We believe the best way to explain how we support this area is by sharing one of our recent candidate testimonials: “This was the smoothest hiring process I’ve ever had the pleasure of completing… and I wasn’t even actively looking for a new position.  Lindsay, at Velocity Resource Group, was amazing to work with and the process was flawless.  Thank you!” – Annette Dilworth. For more insights into the candidate experience with Velocity, explore our Google reviews.

With Velocity, the application process is redefined – candidates don’t need to apply; instead, we conduct thorough pre-screening and present their responses in a streamlined format on our proprietary candidate management system, making it easy for you to review. We are the bridge between the candidates and the clients, and we ensure the process is easy, friendly, and smooth for all the parties involved. That includes walking the candidates through the next steps while being a resource and support when needed.

Prompt and Transparent Communication

Keep candidates informed about their application status at every stage of the hiring process. Provide timelines for when they can expect to hear back and be transparent about the process.

We prioritize speed in every facet of our service, especially in our communication with candidates. Acting as a third-party facilitator fosters open dialogue, providing candidates the freedom to express themselves fully, and enhancing the quality of interaction. Our commitment to getting candidates on the phone is a key aspect of our value proposition. It enables us to delve beyond the surface, engaging in authentic conversations that offer a comprehensive understanding of each candidate. This, coupled with our emphasis on speed, ensures both candidates and clients benefit from effective, effective, and transparent communication throughout the process.

Personalized Interaction

Treat candidates as individuals, not just applicants. Personalize your communication and engage with them in a respectful and personable manner.

As previously highlighted, the cornerstone of our service lies in engaging with each candidate individually through phone conversations. This personalized approach goes beyond a resume review, allowing us to verify the accuracy and currency of their credentials. Furthermore, it creates a platform for candidates to express themselves, share their expectations, and pose any questions they may have. The invaluable depth of a one-on-one conversation surpasses the limitations of emails or online applications, providing a genuine and guided experience through the entire process.

Efficient Screening and Selection

Streamline the screening and selection process to minimize delays. Avoid unnecessary steps or rounds of interviews and assessments.

Our forte lies in streamlining the screening and selection process. Through thorough pre-screening and qualification procedures, we identify and present only the most Qualified, Available, and Interested Candidates. This optimization saves valuable time for all stakeholders involved. By discerning early on if a job is not the right fit for the candidate or vice versa, we prevent time wastage for both parties. Our commitment to effective screening and selection ensures that decisions are informed and aligned with the best interests of all involved.

Diversity and Inclusion

Emphasize diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process. Ensure that your process is fair and free from bias.

With Velocity, you can ensure that no stone will be left unturned so the process is diverse and inclusive by nature because we will look at every candidate out there and find even the more hidden ones. Apart from that you can make specific DEI requests and we will customize our search to any specifics that you have. Check out this DEI case with one of our long-standing candidates – link.

You take it from here!

Once you make it to the formal interview stage, we step back from the process. Even though our main job is done by then, both you and us need to keep things rolling with the candidates for a successful outcome. For instance, we can be quick at finding your ideal candidates, but if you’re slow to get in touch or respond, they might get picked up by a competitor or lose interest. So, the next six steps are just as important for the ultimate candidate experience!

Respect for Candidate’s Time

Be respectful of candidates’ time by scheduling interviews at their convenience and avoiding last-minute cancellations or rescheduling.


Ensure that your application process and interviews are accessible to candidates with disabilities.

Feedback and Closure

Provide constructive feedback to candidates, especially those who were not selected. This helps candidates understand areas for improvement and leaves a positive impression.

Positive Onboarding

Once a candidate accepts an offer, a seamless and informative onboarding process can set the tone for their entire employee experience.

Feedback Collection

Collect feedback from candidates about their experience, both positive and negative, to continuously improve your hiring process.

Follow Up

Keep in touch with candidates who weren’t selected for the current role but may be a good fit for future positions.

Our proprietary candidate management system facilitates this process effortlessly, granting perpetual access to project details, including all candidate information. Moreover, you retain the flexibility to make future hires from this list at no additional cost.

Bringing it All Together

As we conclude this exploration of best practices in candidate experience, we want to emphasize the critical role these elements play in shaping a successful hiring journey. Creating lasting impressions and meaningful connections is not just a transaction; it’s an ongoing opportunity to establish your company’s identity. In the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, the journey from sourcing to onboarding is a shared endeavor. We are honored to be part of this journey with you, and we look forward to contributing to your continued success in attracting top-tier talent. Happy hiring!

Velocity Resource Group assists recruiters in the identification of qualified, available, and interested candidates. We source talent across multiple platforms, review resumes, screen candidates, and place them for you. We have over ten years of experience in attracting the best talent in the healthcare, hospitality, retail, technology, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain sectors.

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