One of the most essential components of supply chain management is logistics. It involves providing products, services, and/or information. Essentially, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This is why the logistics industry is so important in global and national trading.

Choosing the Best Logistics Recruiter Using the Best Executive Firm

At Velocity Resource Group, we specialize in excellent talent acquisition. We aim to provide our clients with incredible and promising recruiting advantages. We aim to deliver fast results that free and beneficial results for our clients.

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced logistics recruiter? Are you trying to improve your supply chain processes? If so, you need to work with an executive search firm to find logistics talent that will make your supply chain management process run smoothly.

Definition of Supply Chain and Logistics

A supply chain is a network of activities and businesses that take a product and/or service to the consumers. Logistics is the process of managing the supply chain. It involves the acquisition, transport, and storage of the product.

Therefore, businesses in many industries rely heavily on logistics and supply staff, technology, and expertise to make profits.  

· Supply Chain in Business

In its simplest form, a supply chain involves activities or processes meant to deliver services and/or goods to consumers. The supply chain focuses on the core activities within a business required to convert raw components or materials to finished services or products.

· Logistics in Business

Most people assume supply chain and logistics to be the same thing. However, if you own a business and looking to improve your logistics and supply chain processes, you need to understand the difference. Logistics is one of the most important elements of the overall supply chain.

It involves the movement of goods/and services from point A to B. This may involve transportation and warehousing. Essentially, the overall supply chain often involves a network of organizations and business processes working together, including logistics, to distribute products/services.

How to Find the Best Logistics Talent?

Are you looking for an executive recruiting firm for logistics recruiters? Are you searching for executive search consultants? Finding top logistics talent or logistics professionals is not as easy as it may sound.

When it comes to performing an executive search or finding the best recruiting service, you need to look for a firm that offers customized solutions. To find the top talent, you need to work with people who can choose between several top candidates, in addition to handling the validation purposes.

In a field as fast-paced as logistics, distribution, and supply chain management, companies need to rely on people who can handle all operations. They also need to take advantage of the latest supply chain and logistics technology.

If your business lacks the skills, process, or time to diligently define and execute an effective hiring process, you may need to partner with a staffing or recruiting agency. Workplace recruitment services focus on helping organizations qualify, recruit, and hire the best job candidates they need. The process of hiring the best people various specialty or practice areas includes the following:

  • Consider your company culture.
  • Find the best candidates in your area.
  • Do your homework to get to know each candidate.

If you operate a business in the manufacturing, transportation, distribution, or supply chain industry, you need to recruit the right people. You need to know their motivations, core values, skills, experience, work history, strengths, and weaknesses. This means having effective recruitment strategies. This is why it is important to work with a dependable human resource firm such as Velocity Resource Group.

Why Should You Choose Velocity Resource Group?

Many hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals choose to work with us for many reasons.

Are you looking to gain a huge recruiting advantage and looking for an executive search firm? Are you looking for fast results that will free your time of the time-consuming but critical work of finding and hiring an active and/or passive logistics and chain management professional?

If so, visit Velocity Resource Group at our offices in Tampa, Florida.

Services Offered by Velocity Resource Group

Our service plans include the following:

  • Advanced passive and active employee search from various sources.
  • A consultative and informative intake call to understand the sourcing strategy, job specifications, and challenges.
  • Expert-level sourcing.
  • Sponsored ads and job postings across major employment boards.
  • Weekly check-ins to develop and execute a specialized sourcing strategy.
  • Inbound resume reviews.
  • Direct marketing campaigns.
  • Data collection through different sources.
  • Weekly active reports.

As an executive search firm, we have many years of experience in operations and executive search. We can identify inefficiencies within your company’s search for top logistics talent. We understand that recruiting expertise combines uninterrupted, uncompromising, and single-minded focus.

This is why we are the top executive recruiter and risk management. Is your organization seeking a distribution, transportation logistics, material handling, and/or supply chain talent? Are you looking for game-changing talent?

If so, call Velocity Resource Group by dialing 813-586-1700 if you are in the United States. Our international clients can call 866-891-0888 today to book an appointment or schedule a demo.

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