New trends are constantly shaping the world of retail. The retail recruiting industry is ever-growing. Successful retail managers and employees in the new world not only adapt to the latest trends in the industry but are also forward-thinking. Acquisition of talent is a time-consuming task.

Moreover, expert retailers are facing new challenges every day, making it only sensible to enlist the help of a professional recruiting partner. These expert recruiters are well able to convey your company brand to prospective employees, effectively streamlining your hiring process. By hiring the services of the right professional retail management recruiters, you get assistance in hiring the most qualified candidates for your vacancies and get access to a broader talent pool.

Expert Retail Management Recruiting Partners

Our recruiting team at Velocity Resource Group has perfected a recruitment approach that works flawlessly in the retail world. Most of the recruiting partners we work with have extensive experience working in the retail sector. As a leader in the industry, we are well informed about the new trends in what constitutes a successful candidate and the emerging roles in the retail industry. Additionally, we comprehend the challenges of the retail sector and all the negative impacts your team would face as a result of employee turnover.

At Velocity Resource Group, we aim not just to get qualified candidates but also candidates who are right for you and will be instrumental in making your business successful. Whichever business model you use – be it a traditional store or an e-commerce one – our team will go above and beyond to source the best talent for your business.

Top Retail Jobs We Fill

There are different types of retail vacancies that Velocity Resource Group fills. They include:

• Sales coordinator.

• Sales manager.

• National sales and accounts manager.

• Sales associates/retail sales professionals.

• Business development manager.

• E-commerce manager.

• Store manager.

• District manager.

• Seasonal hiring.

• General manager.

Qualities our Retail Management Recruiters Consider

With over two decades of experience in retail management recruiting, what defines ideal retail candidates is still not an exact science. There are important sets of skills that employers are always looking for revolving around leadership and communication skills. Here is what our highly-skilled team considers.

Communication Skills

In most surveys regarding retail professionals, communication skills regularly rank as an essential factor in hiring. You cannot escape dealing with fellow employees and clients in any business scenario. For this reason, our retail recruiters will find you an individual who can communicate effectively in person, via email, and over the phone.

Leadership Skills

Employers must be confident that the prospective candidate can handle directing a small army of employees flawlessly. This is especially important when it concerns management posts in retail. At Velocity Resource Group, we will find you a confident, organized, and flexible individual. All these are important traits of a good leader.


The schedules involved in retail management can vary significantly from week to week. Often, retail stores tend to close later than other businesses. Also, most of them stay open on weekends. For this reason, an ideal candidate is one that an employee can count on to keep up with these hectic schedules. We endeavor to find someone who will efficiently complete tasks and show up on time.


One of the most important aspects we consider in retail management recruiting is a far-reaching background in customer service. Experience does not necessarily need to have been amassed in the retail industry. However, we understand that employers need to be confident that the prospective retail professional can treat clients in a professional and friendly manner through a proven track record.

Our Quality Services at Velocity Resource Group

Our ability to scale and flex to your ideal candidate sourcing requirements has effectively assisted us in formulating services that truly work. Whichever talent or skill you are looking for, we have got your back. Some of the services we offer at Velocity include:

  • Rapid QAI: Delivering qualified, available, and interested candidates overnight.
  • Velocity Passport: Finding the most in-demand skills for you worldwide since we have sourcing experience across six continents in over fifty nations.
  • Velocity VIP: Sourcing candidates for executive positions using our premium resources in an executive search.
  • Diversity Sourcing: Connecting you with your target candidate pool to help you achieve your DEI goals.
  • Velocity Sync: Keeping your active and passive candidate activity in sync

Top hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders opt for Velocity Resources Group to get significant recruiting benefits. We save our clients a lot of time by delivering results overnight, freeing them of the time-consuming task and allowing them to focus on other business matters.

For more retail management recruiters, visit Velocity Resource Group at our office in Tampa, FL. You can also call 813-586-1700 today to book an appointment.

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