One of the most consequential hassles that tech recruiters encounter is not knowing where to get potential candidates. Professional networks and popular social media platforms do not always exemplify the most practical solutions for high-demand positions.

Determining the most valuable channels and developing a connection with the right candidates is only the beginning of the hiring process. 

Technology in the Recruitment Process

With the vast advancement of technology globally, it is increasingly possible for recruitment software to embrace its use. Tech recruitment involves sourcing, screening, and assessing candidates for specific technical roles. It incorporates finding quality tech talent from a sourcing pipeline to match the hiring manager’s requirements.

Get Updated With the Latest Technologies in Recruitment

As a recruiter, you should stay focused and active with the latest technologies in recruiting top performers. Consult The Velocity Resource Group for professional help if you are clueless about them. Our esteemed personnel can equip you with the latest tech recruiting trends that can benefit you and your business;

  • Use of AI and Automation. AI slowly and steadily takes its place in the hiring process. Through machine learning, AI shortlists the ideal candidates and automates the tasks present during the hiring process. 
  • Interview chatbots. Chatbots pre-screen applicants and schedule interviews. They conduct human-like text conversations with candidates to collect their responses, documents, pictures, and videos. Chatbots are empathetic, intuitive, and bold and can communicate via text, email, or chat.
  • Soft skills. These are integral for creating conjointly beneficial external partnerships, building teams, and encouraging employees.

What should hiring managers know about recruitment technology?

Recruitment technology is evolving and pushing HR to grow with it. It helps target potential candidates and accelerates the process mostly through artificial intelligence. Most recruiting professionals employ AI as part of their recruiting strategy. Nonetheless, what should HR professionals know about recruitment technology?


A technical recruiter must have an outstanding comprehension of developer behavior. Good developers often get hired immediately after college and are usually paid well to quit existing jobs. For others, a recruiter needs to search in places where few developers have gone before.


When screening, HR experts spend a lot of time revising applications. Assessing an online profile or reviewing a resume does not provide the required information. These are good summaries of candidate experience, abilities, and skills. However, they do not highlight their collaborative nature, investigative and problem-solving skills, and company culture comprehension. Smart recruiting technology helps accelerate this. Various companies use employment tech to screen, test, and hire new talent. The machines scan applicants’ work, sample social media posts, and analyze their faces.

A human resource sourcing manager can assess a candidate’s skills and levels and understand what they need with technology recruiting software.            


Many recruiters see a huge push to remove bias from hiring practices. Employment tech helps level the playing field by explicitly looking for means to better job posts and descriptions. Additionally, it helps create questionnaires that do not indicate personal bias and reduce the same issue regarding screening.

Remote hiring

HR does not have the necessary expertise to hire freelance market workers. Nonetheless, technology helps identify traits and parameters needed for particular remote workers. It looks through a candidate’s previous job history and work samples to see if the individual perfectly fits the remote position offered by your company.

Post-interview analysis

Artificial intelligence is continuously learning. As more interviews are conducted and completed, AI-powered recruitment tech streamlines the interview procedure and develops a better post-interview analysis. Also, AI-assisted onboarding offers real-time feedback to recruits through chatbots. Moreover, it helps automate the experience of collecting employment agreements and work eligibility information from new hires.

How is technology affecting recruitment? 

Technology plays a particular purpose in employment. Hence, it is no longer about how it is changing the landscape but how it affects it.

  • Technology has vividly changed multiple facets of our lives. For employers, this change immensely impacts their recruitment efforts. With employment portals materializing as one-stop centers for employers to vet job applicants, recruiters set up the screening parameters – the majority incorporating digital talent assessment tools.
  • It remarkably assesses skills. Technology recruiters embrace technology to measure professional aptitude and analyze a job applicant’s skill acquisition. Additionally, modern recruiting tools that rely on the most advanced technology give hiring teams a powerful means to determine if a job candidate is a good fit for a company.
  • Technology increases the reach of recruiters. Technology has expanded employers’ net by enabling them to reach job seekers living halfway around the world. It has allowed companies to find candidates based on their skillsets and employee performance.

What does a successful tech recruitment process incorporate? 

Before getting candidates who are a cultural fit, clients or employers should be clear regarding the vacancies. After covering all the essential information regarding the role(s), companies must communicate the goals, needed experience and knowledge, requirements, overall working conditions, and benefits with their HR professionals. So, what does a successful tech recruitment process involve?

  • Comprehending the position.

Most recruiters lack a technical background. Companies should embrace precision and transparency. This way, recruitment specialists can wholly understand the role they should source candidates for.

  • Comprehending tech talent.

Finding, attracting, and employing the most experienced tech talent cannot happen without comprehending their goals, perceptions, and aspirations. Recruiters who intend to build a stable connection with tech candidates should learn how to speak their language.

  • Improving the interview process.

Interviews should be simple and effective. Keeping them efficient and less time-consuming benefits the organization and the job applicants. A smooth interview process generates a better candidate experience.

  • Utilizing tech recruitment tools appropriately.

Tech recruitment tools are valuable assets that simplify the hiring process and help HR avoid mistakes and misunderstandings with candidates. Though they have some outstanding and interesting functionalities, not all tools suit every company. So, before selecting one, inspect your hiring needs and plans thoroughly.

  • Creating an online presence and having a social media recruitment strategy

Tech companies should concentrate on their online presence: websites should contain all the relevant information, seem inviting, and be candidate-oriented. All content should be optimized to suit the target audience. Moreover, companies use social media pages to augment the hiring process.

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