The healthcare industry survives and thrives on the backs of its workers. A healthcare facility, no matter its healthcare role, is nothing without good workers. Therefore, recruiting healthcare workers comes with certain unique challenges. The process requires a different approach to other types of recruiting in other industries.

Healthcare recruiting is quite challenging for most healthcare recruiters. This is an industry where employees can have a huge impact on the well-being and health of other people. Therefore, healthcare providers must find candidates with the aptitude and skills for their roles. Powered by the most talented and experienced recruiters, Velocity Resource Group specializes in sourcing and engaging top corporate talent. As a business owner or corporation, you do not need to deal with the stressful and time-consuming task of finding the right people to hire.

By outsourcing this high-volume and specialized role of recruiting the right person, you can focus on other critical tasks. If you are looking for interested, qualified, and available candidates in the healthcare job market to meet and exceed your expectations, Velocity Resource Group will deliver.

Benefits of Working With a Healthcare Recruiter

The right healthcare recruiter should have the ability to scale and flex to a client’s sourcing needs. This can help overcome challenges such as a limited budget, limited time, limited talent pool, and a limited toolkit. Other benefits of choosing the right healthcare recruiter include:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Confidentiality
  • Market insight
  • Great value

The right healthcare recruiter should help the client or employer gain a recruiting advantage. Velocity Resource Group, for example, blends various recruiting models to deliver success. This frees businesses of the critical and time-consuming tasks of identifying and engaging with both passive and active talent and expertise.

You need to keep in mind certain considerations when recruiting healthcare workers. Some of these include:

  • Healthcare professionals have an extremely high turnover rate.
  • Currently, there is a shortage of healthcare workers.
  • Workers in the healthcare field need special qualifications.

There are additional benefits to hiring graduates fresh out of college or medical school. Some of these include:

  • They are cost-effective.
  • Their healthcare training is up to date.
  • They are enthusiastic and fresh about their new career.

These benefits combined with the high demand for qualified talent means that there is often a scramble to find healthcare talent. However, there is a big issue when it comes to hiring fresh graduates. The challenge for healthcare recruiters is giving employees attractive options and an average salary.

What does a Healthcare Recruiter do when sourcing a candidate?

Healthcare recruiters are HR practitioners who specialize in the recruitment of healthcare professionals. This involves posting job alerts, screening candidates, interviewing, and filling vacancies in conjunction with hiring managers. Therefore, a good healthcare recruiter should have a solid background and experience in healthcare.

Essentially, a medical or healthcare recruiter acts as the main link between an organization or employer and potential candidates. A healthcare recruiter aims to pair employers with candidates who will meet their needs.

Healthcare recruiters must conduct in-depth interviews to determine the suitability of candidates for the positions they apply for. Their main duties include:

  • Reviewing applicants’ curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Communicating with employees and employers to ensure effective and timely fulfillment of their needs.
  • Placing employees at hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • Performing background checks and checking given transcripts, references, and credentials.
  • Problem-solving, negotiating salaries, and counseling potential candidates
  • Providing the best customer service.

One of the most important aspects of a good recruitment procedure is increasing the candidate pool. Healthcare recruitment often starts early. Remember that part of the training and certification for healthcare workers involves on-the-job training.

This means that some professionals will develop an affinity for aversion or particular medical facilities. Therefore, healthcare recruiters need to keep the culture of their clients in mind. They should accept feedback from existing workers and address any shortcomings that are within their control during the recruitment process.

Why You Should Choose Velocity Resource Group for Healthcare Recruitment

Many employers in the field of healthcare choose to work with Velocity Resource Group because of our reputation and expertise. We aim to ensure that our clients get the best talent every time. Through our effective and proven recruitment process, we take the time to learn about our clients and their hiring needs before we place candidates with them. Some of the services we offer include:

Sourcing for Medical Professionals

We engage every possible resource to locate qualified candidates. We locate the contact information and profiles for even the most hidden talent.

Candidate Qualification

Our team of skilled and experienced recruiters conducts telephone pre-screens and outreach campaigns to connect employers with their best matches.

Connecting Employers with the Best Talent

We specialize in handing off interested, available, and qualified candidates to our clients, including those in the healthcare industry.

Our ability to scale and flex to our clients’ sourcing needs helps us develop and tailor services that truly deliver. We help employers plan for and acquire the right candidates efficiently and quickly while lowering recruitment costs.

To learn more about our services, visit Velocity Resource Group at our office in Tampa, Florida. You can call 813-586-1700 today to speak with our talent acquisition specialist and to schedule an appointment.

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