In honor of Velocity’s 22nd Anniversary

To celebrate our 22nd anniversary, we’ve put together a special series titled ’22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity.’ This series takes you on a journey to discover what makes Velocity unique. With the help of our team, our clients, and candidates we’ve worked with over the years, we’ve crafted 22 different reasons why you should partner with Velocity!

Stay tuned, as you might just discover that Velocity Resource Group is the solution you’ve been searching for all along.

#1 Full Talent Pipeline Access

Unlike traditional agencies that keep it under wraps, we provide you with full access to the talent pipeline even after project completion. Discover the profiles of interested candidates, whether they are open for future consideration or not the right fit at the moment. Their contact information is at your fingertips, enabling you to nurture relationships beyond the present and support your future recruitment efforts. Gone are the limitations of a single position; our pipeline is your catalyst for multiple hires across your company, free from per-hire charges.

#2 Market Insights

Beyond a robust candidate pipeline, we delve deep into the talent landscape, understanding what candidates truly seek in their next move. From compensation to role structure, we uncover insights that empower talent leaders to drive progressive internal conversations, make informed changes, and transform challenging roles into resounding successes. We guide you through this journey, leveraging our “FBI-like” market research to uncover the reasons behind any struggles you may face.

#3 Proven Track Record

Our third unbeatable reason to partner with us comes directly from our incredible clients! If you ever find yourself questioning whether you can rely on our services, we invite you to explore our client testimonial page on our website. It serves as a powerful testament to our established track record of consistently delivering exceptional results and providing the highest quality of service for the last 22 years!

#4 Unmatched Overnight Speeds

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, delays can cost you valuable opportunities and hinder your growth. That’s why we’ve fine-tuned our process to deliver Qualified, Available, and Interested candidates right to your inbox overnight! By leveraging the power of Velocity, you acquire a competitive advantage that empowers you to maintain seamless internal processes and stay ahead of the curve in your market. We’ve harnessed our expertise to expedite the journey from sourcing to screening, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—making the right hiring decisions!

#5 Wide Range of Capabilities

We understand that the success of your organization relies on having the right talent in every department. That’s why we pride ourselves on our extensive capabilities that allow us to fulfill your talent needs across the board. With many years of experience under our belt, we have sourced and influenced professionals in a diverse range of industries and positions. And our global reach enables us to source top talent from around the world. Instead of engaging multiple agencies or spending countless hours searching for the right candidates, we consolidate the process, providing a comprehensive solution that spans across all departments.

#6 Unmatched Value

Hear it straight from our clients! Our exceptional business model not only delivers outstanding results but also offers unparalleled cost savings. Maximize your recruiting budget and slash expenses compared to traditional search firms or RPOs. Our on-demand, flat-fee approach keeps your experience flexible and makes us the best value in the industry – hands down.

#7 Maximize the Reach of Your Employer Brand

Our approach is carefully crafted to align with your organization’s unique identity and goals, ensuring that your brand stands out among competitors. By leveraging our wealth of experience and deep understanding of the talent market, we develop strategies that resonate with your target audience and effectively communicate your value proposition. We help you enhance your employer branding and attract top talent by solidifying your position as an employer of choice in the talent market.

#8 Access to a More Diverse and Broader Talent Pool

We go above and beyond in our sourcing, curating a talent pool that transcends boundaries of gender, ethnicity, diversity of thought, military experience, and even industries. With Velocity, you get an organic glimpse of the talent landscape, empowering data-driven hiring decisions that lead to a brighter and more inclusive future! Don’t settle for just applicants when you can explore an expansive, diverse talent pipeline. Our commitment to quality sourcing and top-notch tools ensures we unearth hidden gems that others miss. From diverse backgrounds to fresh perspectives across industries, we leave no stone unturned.

#9 Proactive Communication

We take pride in our client’s feedback, which consistently highlights our team’s outstanding, transparent, and consistent communication. With unwavering dedication, we strive to provide a world-class service, ensuring our clients’ needs are promptly met and they receive continuous support throughout the entire process. Every client is paired with a dedicated Client Manager, to assist with their candidate sourcing strategy and a seamless project experience. As a true partner, we go beyond the transactional aspect, becoming an integral part of your team and assisting you every step of the way to help you get the most out of our services!

#10 True Peace of Mind

When you need peace of mind in your hiring process, Velocity’s the right choice! Our comprehensive screening and vetting process ensures minimized risk of wasting time and resources on the wrong candidate. With dedicated teams handling every step, from sourcing and candidate engagement to client relationship management, we deliver a detailed pre-screening that allows hiring teams to confidently make decisions and find the perfect fit from our pool of qualified candidates.

#11 Flexibility & Adaptability

While our organization maintains a structured discipline process, we place a strong emphasis on flexibility when it comes to serving our clients. Throughout our 30-day project, we actively encourage an ongoing feedback loop and maintain open channels of communication. This approach enables us to promptly incorporate any essential changes or modifications that the client deems necessary as the project progresses. Moreover, our adaptability extends across the entirety of your business spectrum, as we have experience working across diverse industries and job hierarchies. In essence, our commitment lies in providing unparalleled flexibility and adeptness to fulfill our clients’ unique requirements.

#12 Strategic Partnership

One of the key benefits of our partnership is the ability to think outside the conventional box. Our experience in the industry allows us to approach challenges and opportunities with a fresh perspective, offering innovative solutions that may not have been considered otherwise. By bringing this unique perspective to the table, we help you make well-informed and forward-thinking strategic hiring decisions. We provide market intelligence, strategic guidance, and innovative thinking to help you optimize your hiring processes and make the best decisions for your organization’s success.

#14 Excellent Candidate Experience

Reason number 14 to partner with Velocity is exceptionally unique, as it originates directly from the feedback of candidates we have had the privilege to work with! We take immense pride in reading Google reviews where candidates express their delight about the incredible experiences they’ve had with us and how much they value the opportunities we’ve presented them. It brings tremendous joy to our entire company, for there is an unmistakable sense of fulfillment in being a matchmaker – connecting talented candidates with amazing opportunities while finding the perfect fit for our esteemed clients.

#15 International Reach

From late-night calls for overseas connections to utilizing different platforms to bridge the distance, we have the tenacity and resources to overcome any obstacle. No matter the position’s level or location, be it in China, Germany, Singapore, or France (and many more regions!) we have the knowledge and experience to find your ideal match. GDPR-certified and armed with advanced tools for contact discovery, we make the seemingly impossible, like finding Spanish-speaking talent in Malaysia, a reality. Also, our Spanish-speaking recruiters help Velocity ensure a seamless international recruitment experience.

#16 Continuous Support

From the very first kickoff call, we deeply understand your needs and ensure the right candidates are identified. Our dedicated client managers keep you informed with regular check-ins and reporting, allowing for real-time adjustments and addressing any challenges. Even after the 30-day engagement, we remain by your side with a close-out call and a comprehensive post-project report. With Velocity, you’re guaranteed expert support at every step, making informed hiring decisions and achieving long-term success.

#17 Resflex CMS – Superior Tracking

With our proprietary Resflex Candidate Management System, clients access all project data and activity in one place, which includes every candidate that we source, their contact information, resume, and more for clients to review and rate their qualified candidates and keep tabs on the role with just a few clicks! Think of ResFlex as a library of qualified and pre-screened candidates that you can access anytime, anywhere. That’s right – All candidate pipelines and data will forever be accessible to you.

#18 Customizable Solutions

Customizable solutions tailored just for you! Whether it’s filtering candidates for a hiring event, expanding your organization, streamlining your ATS system, or filling urgent positions, Velocity is here to fit your unique needs. Our dedicated service offerings will support you every step of the way. If you don’t find what you need, don’t worry—we’ll create it together!

#19 Transparency

We go beyond just promising transparency; we deliver it in real-time. We provide full transparency in our process from the candidates we source to the outreach that we are making. You have full access to all candidate profiles, with a rating system that allows you to choose which candidates are looking like the best fit, access to all candidate contact information and prescreen notes, and you can see in real-time all the outreach being completed, so you know the work is being done. This builds trust in the process because you always know what is going on.

#20 Client-centric Approach

Our commitment to putting customers first shines through the feedback we receive: Impressive organizational approach and thoughtfulness in catering to customers’ needs. A focus on perfecting customer service and creating a streamlined recruiting process. Gratitude for finding ideal talent that aligns perfectly with the company’s mission. Delivery of quality candidates and A+ customer service. An amazing team that offers guidance and understands clients’ needs. These testimonials are a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional experiences to every client we serve.

#21 Competitive Advantage

We provide a distinct market advantage through three key elements: Overnight resume sourcing that ensures early access to top talent. Meaningful candidate conversations that align roles with aspirations and culture and allow us to gather additional insights giving our clients the most powerful competitive edge over their rivals. Lastly, uncovering hidden opportunities, meaning introducing candidates to positions they didn’t know were available, therefore expanding your talent pool strategically.

#22 Our Amazing Team!

Our team is the heartbeat of our success, comprising individuals who are not only capable but also dedicated to delivering consistent, top-notch services to our valued customers. Each day, we strive to bring our best to the table, ensuring that every interaction with Velocity is nothing short of exceptional. Our commitment to excellence shines through in the way we collaborate and work together as a tight-knit unit. The spirit of teamwork and cooperation is ingrained in our culture, and it fuels our ability to tackle challenges head-on, providing us with the opportunity to deliver excellent results, time and time again.

Thank you!

So, as we conclude this series, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients and partners who have been part of this remarkable journey with us. We remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service and the most rewarding experiences, making every day an exciting adventure. Together, we can achieve greatness, and together, we’ll continue to thrive with Velocity as your trusted ally.

To our team members, as we move forward, let us continue to support one another, grow together, and strive for even greater heights. Your contributions are invaluable, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such an exceptional team. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being the backbone of Velocity and for making it the remarkable company it is today.

We hope you enjoyed this series and if you ever find yourself wondering whether to partner with Velocity, just remember that there are at least 22 compelling reasons to do so!

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