Ashley Furniture

Founded in 1945, Ashley Furniture is the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States, with one of the industry’s broadest product assortments for retail partners in 123 countries. Their HQ is in Arcadia, WI.

The Challenge

Ashley Furniture Industries’ warehouse facilities are all located in remote, rural areas. They struggled to find enough people to keep up with demand at those locations. Their recruiters were so busy, they were relying solely on inbound candidates who applied online.

Velocity's Solution

Ashley Furniture Industries partnered with Velocity to conduct high-volume pipelining. Velocity immediately began supplementing Ashley Furniture Industries’ efforts through passive sourcing and job advertisement, enabling them to tap into unique talent the Ashley recruitment team did not have time to go find. Velocityworked fast to create an API that allowed Velocity’s Resflex candidate system to push all the candidate information into Ashley Furniture Industries’ own CRM system. The result was daily candidate updates synchronized with their own CRM system.

The Outcome

Velocity sourced hundreds of qualified candidates and completed a pre-screening that allowed AshleyFurniture Industries’ recruiters to have real-time access to the data and set up interviews. For the course of a year, Velocity successfully pulled 400 candidates a month for each location. They delivered thousands of interested candidates and saved Ashley Furniture Industries’ recruiters countless hours of time. Because of the success of their partnership, Velocity began sourcing other hiring areas, such as senior-level talent.

Ashley Furniture Parnership Statistics

Total Candidates Sourced: 11,623
Total Candidates Screened: 6,927
Total Interested Candidates: 5,233
Total Calls Made: 23,270
Total Emails Sent: 14,408