Didion Milling

Found in 1972, Didion Milling is a family-owned agricultural processing business with45 years of experience in storing, milling, and transporting corn products for food and fuel (ethanol) purposes. HQ is in Johnson Creek, WI. www.didionmilling.com

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Velocity, Didion Milling’s recruiting department ran with just the HR Leader and a Human Resources Business Partner. With both being spread so thin handling the full scope of everything that falls under HR, there was little time left to focus on recruiting. This resulted in recruiting being a constant problem that they could never get ahead of. They needed a more efficient way to handle recruiting but didn’t want an expensive full RPO model with multi-year contracts.

Velocity's Solution

Velocity quickly got to work implementing its Candidate Acquisition Management (CAM) service for Didion. This is Velocity’s Strategic, customized solution for ongoing recruiting that helps clients exactly where they need it – not overpaying for things they don’t need. By Velocity managing the postings, ATSinbound resume review, sourcing, candidate screening, and hiring manager interview scheduling this gaveDidion’s small team the exact support they needed to fill their roles quickly.

The Outcome

This plug-and-play solution caused ZERO disruption and gave back time IMMEDIATELY. Velocity delivered a strong pool of candidates to Didion’s ATS, allowing them to keep and manage all of their data within their own system. Didion’s HR team was able to focus 100% on qualified and interested candidates and effectively juggle the many other priorities of their roles. Today, Didion and Velocity continue to partner together to ensureDidion’s hiring process is efficient, cost-effective, and delivering the best candidates for their open positions.

2019 Didion Partnership Statistics

Number of Jobs Run: 44
Total Candidates Sourced: 4,846
Total Interested Candidates: 655
Total Calls Made: 13,526
Total InMails Sent: 1,269
Total Emails Sent: 4,546
Interviews: 177
Total Hires in 2019: 90