Founded by the young French chemist Eugène Schueller in 1909, and now the number one cosmetic group worldwide, L’Oreal is present in over 130 countries on five continents and is the owner of 28 brands widely known throughout the globe. The L’Oreal name and its many brands employ over 75,000+ people across the world and are always on the lookout for great talent. As the L’Oreal family continues to grow, their dedicated hiring team is always on the lookout for new talent to fulfill their ever-growing, varying-level roles.

World Leader in Beauty Looks to Fill Higher Level Roles with Great Talent

The Challenge

The L’Oreal cosmetic group searches for talented Director of eCommerce with cost-effective methods.

From entry-level manufacturing roles to VP positions, L’Oreal must fulfill several, varying positions as the company’s family of brands continues to grow through acquisitions and subsidiaries. Typically, companies as large as L’Oreal turn to the basic search firm to fill higher-level roles. However, this can end up being a very costly strategy as many search firms charge based on placement and receive a large percentage of that individual hire’s salary. In order to fill their growing need for executive-level roles, including an open role of Director of eCommerce for one of their many brands, L’Oreal needed to find a new strategy for sourcing and screening for the best talent in a short amount of time.

Velocity's Solution

To address L’Oreal’s need for executive-level candidates in a cost-effective manner, VRG and our team of professional recruiting specialists took on the challenge of finding a qualified, available, and interested list of candidates for a Director of eCommerce role for one of L’Oreal’s brands. Working with one of VRG’s client managers, as well as our sourcing and pre-screening team, L’Oreal’s hiring team identified and articulated all of the qualities they were looking for in a high-level candidate. Once the VRG team was given the job summary and traits of a qualified candidate, we were able to source and screen each candidate to ensure that we delivered only the most qualified candidates to the L’Oreal team.

The Outcome

Using just one run of VRG’s QAI projects, the L’Oreal hiring team was able to make 3 high-level hires from our list of interested candidates. VRG assisted L’Oreal’s busy hiring team in finding 3 hirable candidates for one low, flat fee. If the hiring team had originally turned to a standard search firm to fill these positions, it could have cost the L’Oreal brand anywhere between $150k or more on placement fees alone. The L’Oreal family understands the benefits of VRG’s quick, and cost-effective solutions to identifying qualified, interested, and available candidates. To date, VRG has run more than 150+ searches at varying levels for L’Oreal and has continued to build a long-established relationship with their dedicated hiring team.