Our Expert Recruiters Offer their Top Advice

When recruiters or hiring managers reach out to you, it can feel like a stroke of good luck, but it’s important to know how to make the most of these opportunities. It also helps to know how to best position yourself for more of these opportunities.

After 21 years in business, Velocity Resource Group has become the secret weapon for strategically sourcing candidates at overnight speeds for our clients. Working with hundreds of recruiters and speaking with hundreds of thousands of candidates, we like to think we know a thing or two about recruiting and what it takes to put your best professional foot forward. And we want to share that knowledge with YOU!

We asked our expert team of talent acquisition specialists to share their top tips for candidates to make their own luck in the hiring market, and they had some great advice to share…  

Make Yourself Reachable 

“Set up your voicemail with your full name!”

Jill S.

This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many candidates lose out on an opportunity because they’re difficult to reach or confirm. To ensure that the right opportunities reach you, it’s important to make yourself accessible. Setting up your voicemail with your full name is a small, yet significant step that can help recruiters and hiring managers know they’ve reached the right person when they try to contact you. This eliminates any confusion and increases the likelihood of them leaving a message or following up with you, ultimately increasing your chances of landing your dream job. 

Always Keep an Open Mind & Take the Call

“Always keep an open mind. The best time to explore opportunities is when you are happy where you are.

Steven L.

“Always take the call! You never know what great opportunity could be right around the corner

Lindsay S.

You never know when the perfect opportunity might come knocking, so it’s always worth answering the door (or phone). It’s important to stay curious and open to new possibilities, even if you’re currently satisfied with your job. You never know what exciting opportunities might arise or what you could learn from exploring different career paths. So, don’t limit yourself, and stay open-minded when you receive a call from a recruiter. It might be your dream job calling! 

Know Your Worth 

Don’t sell yourself short or disqualify yourself!

Katy W.

Self-doubt can often hold us back from reaching our full potential, but Katy reminds us that we have the power to overcome it. By recognizing our worth and valuing ourselves, we can develop the confidence needed to pursue our goals and aspirations. However, this isn’t just great emotional support, it’s a great reminder to do your research as well. Keep tabs on the market value of your current experience and ensure that your skillset matches your career goals. Katy’s advice serves as a powerful reminder to never underestimate ourselves and to always believe in our abilities. 

Always Leave a Good Impression 

Be professional in any and all interactions whether you are active on the market or passively considering a change.”

Kathryn M.

It may seem like common sense, but it’s worth emphasizing that your professional demeanor can make a big difference in how others perceive you, whether that’s a recruiter, a hiring manager, or a potential networking connection. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job right now, you never know when a new opportunity might arise, or when someone in your network might be able to refer you to a great position. 
So what does it mean to be professional? For starters, it means treating others with respect, even if you don’t agree with their point of view. It means following up promptly on emails and phone calls and being courteous and polite in all your interactions. It means taking the time to proofread your messages and making sure you’re communicating clearly and effectively. And in today’s remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of your online presence, from your email signature to your social media profiles. 

Give Relocation Opportunities a Chance 

Relocation opportunities might seem scary at first, but it’s worth an initial interview if the job and/or organization itself sounds promising. Companies might feel more invested in you and your development if they brought you across the country to join them.

Mike M.

Mike advises candidates to not let that initial fear hold them back from pursuing opportunities that are potentially life-changing! Instead, he encourages candidates to step out of their comfort zone, take that initial interview, and see where the conversation goes. With years of experience talking to hundreds of candidates, Mike has witnessed firsthand relocation opportunities that may initially seem daunting and intimidating lead to someone’s dream job. So, if you’re feeling unsure about the idea of relocating, take a page from Mike’s book and give it a chance. You never know where it might lead you. 

Don’t Burn Bridges 

“Don’t burn bridges.  You never know if a closed door right now, could be wide open in a few years, and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure later on!”

Nathan S.

Remember, the professional world is small, and you never know when your paths might cross again. By leaving a positive impression, you increase your chances of being considered for future positions and potentially even being recommended to other companies by your former interviewer or hiring manager. So, even if you don’t get the job, don’t burn any bridges – you never know where they might lead you. 

Reap The Benefits 

“Network and network more! Engaging with a recruiter or hiring team not only gives you exposure with a potential employer but also provides opportunities to learn about yourself professionally. You can make a long-lasting network to tap into for opportunities now and in the future along with growing your interview skills.” 

Aleshia R.

Engaging with a recruiter or hiring team not only provides exposure to a potential employer but also offers opportunities to learn about yourself professionally. By engaging with them, you can build a long-lasting network that can help you tap into opportunities now and in the future. You can also develop your interview skills and gain insights into what employers are looking for in candidates. Recruiters can also provide valuable feedback on your resume, cover letter, and overall professional presentation. By taking advantage of these benefits, job seekers can make the most of their experience and increase their chances of landing their ideal job. 

In summary, getting contacted by a recruiter can be a fantastic opportunity, but it’s important to know how to make the most of it. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job! Join our Talent Network if you would like to be considered for job searches in your industry and realm of expertise. By opting in, each time one of our amazing partners is hiring you will automatically be included in our search as top talent – and if it’s a match – you’ll receive a call from us to learn about the next steps. Use this link to join now! 

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