The hospitality industry encompasses businesses that provide people with a place to sleep, food services, and drinks. They include restaurants, hotels, bars, private clubs, and casinos. Identifying and hiring the right individuals for jobs in the hospitality industry is known as hospitality recruitment.

An effective hospitality recruitment strategy entails a lot of professionalism and human resources preparation. That is why our hospitality industry recruiters at Velocity Resource Group utilize some of the latest recruitment strategies to place well-qualified candidates in the correct positions in the restaurant industry.

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Effective Hospitality Recruitment Strategies

Here are some strategies that we implement when sourcing candidates.

Clear-Language Job Descriptions

We ensure that the information your candidates need about the job vacancy is clear and easy to read. This applies to skill requirements, experience requirements, job duties, the next stage of expressing interest in the job, and other additional information. Vague job descriptions can be confusing and may get the wrong pool of candidates for the position.

Offering Attractive Job Perks

Most businesses in the hospitality industry will offer similar benefits and compensation packages. These are primarily industry-recommended salaries, with no health perks for casual workers. To run an exceptional global hospitality recruitment strategy, we put your business needs far ahead of your competitors. We recommend that you provide prospective employees with unique benefits to your company.

For instance, recent research indicated that offering daily wages rather than bi-weekly or weekly wages attracted nearly double the number of applicants. To identify which perks are more effective in your establishment, our recruitment sourcing team will ask your current employees what perks would please them. In doing so, we improve your current employees’ engagement in decision-making while aiding the recruitment strategy simultaneously.

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Embrace Referrals from Current Staff Members

As a business owner, you always have a whole pool of potential employees ready. You may be wondering where they are. They often work with your current members of staff. Your employees understand the nature of their work more than anyone else.

Surprisingly, they may know the ins and outs of the job better than you. For this reason, you must set clear goals and prioritize following through with referrals from your employees, such as requiring 30 percent of recruits to be from employee referrals. Offering an incentive for successful employee referral is also a good idea.

Flexible Work Schedules

According to research, the modern workforce is predicted to change the benefits, expectations, and working conditions in current and upcoming businesses until 2030. However, working from home is often not a viable option for most entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry, regardless of the popular demand for more flexible work schedules.

 But it is possible to create a flexible work schedule that allows most workers more time for their second job or to take care of their families. For instance, we can identify a plan that works well with the employee’s other commitments while not affecting their productivity at your organization. Giving potential employees such options ensure you receive more job applicants and improves your employee retention rate.

Use Hospitality Job Seekers’ Platforms

Most job seekers in the hospitality industry still use online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. Also, job boards still play a significant role for hospitality recruiters, although many experts predict they might soon become outdated. However, they are still helpful because they offer a decentralized hospitality network. Job portals have a diverse pool of candidates from which an experienced hospitality recruiter can access.

Promoting your brand

Building and promoting your brand is arguably the most effective hack our experts at Velocity Resource Group can use. According to experts, your brand gives you the maximum attention you need from job seekers. Our experts will help promote your brand by providing information to the candidates about your company’s uniqueness and the intangibles that set you apart from your competitors. By doing so, we increase the amount and quality of applications right away. With an expert and experienced digital marketing and sales team, the process will be faster, more effective, and less expensive.

Make the hospitality recruitment process short.

An effective hospitality recruitment strategy is to shorten the time it takes to complete the process. The cycle can prove cumbersome and involve numerous steps before hiring. Shortening the recruitment process is beneficial not only to your business but also to job seekers.

The time spent during the process can be too lengthy. Reducing this time is essential for recruiters. It makes your employees happier and frees up your time to indulge in other business matters. Hospitality experts recommend the process should take between 30 and 90 days. During this time, it is also essential to maintain communication with the candidates.

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